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is a dedicated entity that operates in the domestic and European market for trading of energy resources, primarily natural gas, including
cooperation with business partners from Ukraine.

About us

  • Ekozon is a privately-owned company registered in Poland engaged in natural gas trading and ultimately also electricity trading, both in Poland and in other EU countries and also in Ukraine.
  • In the second half of 2021, we received the relevant licenses from the Energy Regulatory Office in Poland for gas trading at home and abroad.
  • Currently, Ekozon Energy is one of several independent Polish energy traders, operating mainly in the wholesale gas market in Poland and neighboring countries.
  • The company is operationally prepared to trade natural gas in the European Union markets for all exchange products and has ambitions to become a long-term trading partner for key European suppliers of pipeline gas and LNG.
  • Our team has international experience in commodity trading within the EU.

Our services

Ekozon Energy and the energy market in Poland

The liberalization of the Polish electricity and natural gas markets has enabled the development of a liquid wholesale market providing opportunities both for optimization of the costs of obtaining energy sources by companies operating in energy-intensive industries, as well as for energy trading development domestically and cross-border.

Considering the market situation and the aspirations of Ekozon Energy, the company’s strategy is to obtain long-term contracts with European exporters for the supply of natural gas on terms that provide customers with the opportunity to minimize the impact of the risk of unfavorable changes in energy commodity prices on financial performance.

Therefore, Ekozon Energy seeks to secure the company presence on energy trading markets, particularly in natural gas, in major European Hubs and in countries bordering Poland.

We have all the permits and agreements that allow us to conduct our business, among others:

  • the license for trading in gas fuels OPG/400/68944/W/DRG/2021/MSW
  • the license for trade in natural gas with foreign countries OGZ/198/68944/W/DRG/2021/MSW
  • transmission agreement with GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.
  • access to the Gas Market on the Polish Power Exchange.

Natural gas imports

Ekozon Energy is continuously looking for business partners operating in Polish as well as European markets for energy resourcestrading in (natural gas or electricity) to increase liquidity security and choice of suppliesy for wholesale or end-users. We work on contracts based on EFET.

Wholesale energy trading

Ekozon Energy trades gas on the wholesale market based on products tailored to the needs of its trading partners:

  • standard products in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual (spot/forward) bundles,
  • non-standard products - for the next day, week and month,
  • customized delivery schedule,
  • settlement of deliveries based on the market indexes.

B2B bilateral contracts

Along with securing long-term sourcing contracts with European natural gas suppliers, Ekozon Energy is beginning work on developing its own portfolio of energy-intensive consumers of the fuel. This will include the preparation of a wide range of products and services tailored to the needs of different energy consumption profiles of industrial customers.

Using our experience in energy trading, risk management and market analysis, we can develop customized purchasing models.


REMIT stands for Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) - Regulation on wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency No. 1227/2011 of October 25, 2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency ("REMIT"). The guidelines oblige each energy company to ensure transparency in the operation of the electricity and natural gas markets to eliminate potential abuses in these markets.

In general, the main obligations under the REMIT regulation are as follows:

  • Reporting of basic data of transactions executed in wholesale energy markets to ACER;
  • Prohibition of insider trading;
  • Disclosure of inside information to the public;
  • Prohibition of manipulation or attempted manipulation in wholesale energy markets.

You can read more about REMIT at:

Urgent market announcements can be found at:

And market announcements for gas transmission systems can be found at:

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